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GeoIntelligence Solution for the Automotive Industry -GIS in Auto Industry

Geography Information System is a system designed for location enabled purposes. GIS is used in different ways like mapping and storing the geographic data. Today vehicles are increasing rapidly on roads and today’s modern infrastructure consists roads and bridges. Usually, for location analysis, the need of the Internet is there, but when it comes to GIS, it becomes wider. GIS gives many facilities like real time navigation, traffic control, and routing.

How GIS help in automobiles and transportation

GIS in automobiles and transportation makes them more efficient and effective, as it provides many location services like tracking and navigation system. A GIS can help visualize and communicate the effect of roads. Engineering structures and framework helps to take decisions about the route selection. It gives a 3d view assisted by an aerial photo. It is direct and simple to use, but it does not convey much information.

The interactive map also helps viewers to choose to and from where they’d like to take a taxi or a cab and also it shows how many people in that area is searching for a taxi. Viewers can also choose a low distant area so taxi fare can be decreased. This show, route planning is an important feature of GIS. The roads can be an obstacle for your important business meeting. So GIS makes sure you reach on time by taking the best route available with less traffic. This can also be helpful in distributing goods or delivering products and for your personal travel.
Real-time navigation is one of the important features as it makes sure you are going in the right direction for your destination and also have much important information that may help to a driver. Tracking means knowing where exactly you are at present. It is very helpful for investigation purpose. Tracking and monitoring taxi location helps to catch the person who has done any crime, travelling in a taxi.

This concludes that GIS in very useful in auto and it has been seen that GIS has a high accuracy. It is clear that GIS has opened up so many useful facilities. GIS has large potential in the future and it is growing day by day.

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