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End to End GIS Services

With GIS you can Measure the height and record the details of any object from hundreds of meters away with this amazing handheld technology. Isitwa offers expert GIS consulting, data conversion, and web mapping from Engineering Mapping Solutions.

Manjeet Rana Managing Director @ Isitwa.com

Map Overlay

By overlaying vectors data can be extracted and used in either vector or raster data analysis.

Address Geocoding

Geocoding is interpolating spatial locations from street addresses.

Survey Maps

Conducts the survey to collect useful data using the GPS methods.


Navigation mapping assists the navigation content providers using GIS.

“The service at Isitwa have been exceptional. Their insights and recommendations are sound and effective. When I ask a question, they reply in a timely fashion. They set realistic expectations.“

William Jimenez
Organon USA Inc