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Geospatial World is Fuelling Retail Sector- GIS in FMCG & Retail

GIS means Geographic Information System. It is a system developed to store, manage and analyze the data of geography. GIS applications are used to ask queries, change in maps and these applications are helpful for location-enabled services. Actually, GIS is merging of Cartography, Statistical analysis and database technology.

History of GIS

History says the first use of this kind application was in 1832 but actually, the first true operational use was for forestry in 1960 and it was made available for all industries in the 1980s and by the year 2000, users begin to use, explore and discover this application for mapping services. The dimension of map differs area to area, sector to sector as well as from function to function. It is very helpful for future planning. To have an edge, lots of business is using GIS in this competitive, dynamic market for marketing, expansion, risk management, planning of the route.

In recent times, GIS has gained so much popularity in the retail sector and for the growth of developing countries like INDIA, it becomes more useful. GIS maps can be used for various purposes in a business like identifying new opportunities, products, and upgraded technology information. GIS applications enable location based information to owners and can be helpful to choose the location for new store opening.

To manage different types of assets, GIS can be very beneficial. Like the location of competitors in the area and information about customer interest. GIS ensures assets are collected and organized. Planning, the most important use of GIS. Planning refers to a process of deciding what to do and how to do in advance. GIS can help in the recruitment process also in emergency need of transport. The most importantly, GIS ensures Brand Visibility and ensures the right people are doing right jobs and right product is delivered to the right customer. GIS enhances the quality of communication and helps in elimination of communication barriers.
In the dynamic retail environment, retailers are eager to use GIS to expand their business enhancing business performance. One cannot remain too backward in this competitive market. GIS is a great technique for FMCG and retails.

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