Payment Gateway Integration

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Make your E-Commerce Site Thrive with Krisha Web Payment Gateway Integration

E-commerce is a wonderful magnetism for everyone who understands the need of the modern era. But, it is hard to start off on this brilliant platform, for there are a hundreds matters to ponder on, just like payment gateway integration.
With lots of payment gateway options, it becomes even harder

to decide upon the best. Moreover, settling upon the most suitable one is not the only problem; you will have to think about if this ‘suitable one’ is suitable to your particular requirements!

Hence, if you are new to this magnetizing world, you will be even more confused at this point of your website development. Anyhow, credit card option is a must to connect to your website as a payment gateway facility.

If you go with manual payment gateway, the whole thing will be more inexpensive and, also, customer-friendly. Besides, below are given the 2 best payment gateway options:


PayPal is one of the most adopted payment gateway integration.


  • It offers real time transactions of amount.
  • It is easy to integrate with your online company


    • Your customer will need to register PayPal before they use the option for your website.
    •  When you need the transacted amount from your customer, you will have to shift the amount from PayPal to your bank account.

Real Time Payment Gateway

This option is used by the professionals in the field.


  • Takes minimum time between fund transactions.
  • Ideal for huge volume selling websites.