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GIS Tools Offer Critical Defense and Intelligence Capabilities to a Nation

Geographic Information System is a cluster of various applications which are used for location based services. It captures, stores and analyze the data related to position on earth. It shows multiple data in a single map. This enables people to use this GIS more easily. It is a broad term includes a number of different technologies, applications and softwares. With GIS technology, people can compare the locations and can check pollution producers. GIS can be informative about education, business and agriculture as well.

Most national security decisions involve location services. It consists of accessing information about terrorist targets, where to strike on the battlefield and other info. Hence geography always comes into the equation. For better defence decisions, real time geographical visualization of the battlefield is required and that is only possible because of GIS. These data for defence services is imperative. There is a need to review the maps and imagery need to be processed for flawless functioning of strategic and operational levels.

The defence GIS requires geospatial base data in terms of digitized maps, imagery and attributes to deliver the data efficiently to users. Resources, policies and standard are necessary to store, process and improve utilization of geospatial data. The theory of 4Cs (Command, Communication, Control, Coordination) in the military is almost completely dependent on GIs for quick decision making or operational orders. Use of GIS in the military has completely changed the way how they function. Armed forces utilize GIS in a plenty of applications that consist cartography, remote sensing, intelligence, terrain analysis, battlefield management, and observing potential terrorist activities. The war victory so much depends on technology. To sustain the control over area, armed forces require geospatial data. Spatial statistics is very important to the Military in the war and for decision making for development of business and state.

The administrators in every country collect statistics related to routing, filtering and information to be a good decision maker. The local conflicts also pressurize the minister and they have to be up to date with situations. Therefore, GIS occupies the focal point in mission briefing and command control.

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