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A dynamic website is an ideal solution for the large companies that seek to post and manage a wide array of their products and services with ease

Website hosting companies are facing the age’s toughest competition time. This competition has begot a never-stopped novelty in features and packages by these websites. As a result, the website design and development industry got another booming web page style – dynamic web page.

A dynamic web page exhibits dissimilar content every time you view it. for example, you might see modifications in the same web page in different times of a day, the modifications might change from user to user, and it may also be based on the type of user interface.

Dynamic web pages are of two types.


Client-side scripting are the web pages, when a user do something within them (just like key presses or mouse clicks), they are modified in the response.
These types of web pages create client-side content. This is the content produced on the user’s PC instead of the server. With regard to these pages, your web browser downloads the content of the web page from the server, uses the code set in the content, and then shows you the refreshed content.

Scripting languages: Flash and JavaScript


Server-side scripting web pages are the web pages changing when you visit or load them. When you load a web page, its content will be generated by the server. For example, sign-in pages, submission forms, discussion forms, etc are server-side scripting web pages, they modify when something is submitted to them.
Scripting languages: ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, JSP and Perl