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Telecom Sector is Turning to GIS and There are Reasons for this

Geographic Information Systems is a widely used systems integrated with technology. Nowadays there are several companies, industries, various sectors and governments utilizing the GIS. It is a combination of GPS or Global Positioning System with RS/ Remote Sensing and Geo –Informatics.
Role of GIS in Today’s World:

Today there are several industries across various sectors who have integrated these services. Some of them include the Energy Development, Emergency Management, Oceans Development, Land Mapping, Human Health Use, and Population Management. These are only to name a few

Some Practical Uses of GIS: The GIS technology is put to full use in various fields especially the internet and telecom sectors as below:

  • Creation of Maps
  • Acquiring Census
  • Ground Surveys
  • Geo- Database
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Recovery

Various Roles of GIS in Telecomm Industry

Network Structure

As of now we will cover the GIS in Telecomm Industry. In order to visualize external data and internal data in a geographical nature and also to get market trends and demographic information telecom companies can take business decisions. This data from the GIS systems is very necessary to plan cables, towers and most importantly network coverage.

Market Demand

In simple words the Geographic Information Systems bridges the gap between the business and the customer. It helps with the shopping zones and shopping patterns of customers and gives relevant suggestions when you re- login. This is for customers. For the businesses the GIS systems creates a geographic pattern by utilizing geospatial data to let business get an idea about market demand.


Planning One more reason why the GIS play an important role in telecommunications is for rural development. As computers have become mandatory even in villages, telecom companies have to understand the network capacity of a particular region. So if GIS solutions are put to use then there can be a logical networking structure. So it greatly impacts the decisions made based on the data from existing network structure and performance status.

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