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Designing a Business Logo

Typically, in terms of the corporate world, a business is basically an economic system that exchanges goods in return of materials or money. A business runs on the fact that profit is earned and employment can be done. For a business to be successful, the major tool required is marketing. Marketing is the basis of the economic market, for a company to increase sale, its visibility is required which is attained with the help of marketing. The basic or the first step to marketing is creation of a logo. Logo helps marketing team to make the business a brand.

It is said that people remember a company more by its logo. It helps in making any brand what it is today in the market. Companies like PepsiCo, Nike, Reebok, Nestle, Hyundai, etc. are today recognised by their logos. In the corporate sector, Logos intend to be the face of the business in the market among its customers. It can be said as a graphical display of a company’s identity. Since it is the business identification to the customers, a good logo should be unique and comprehensible to the customers, containing some kind of information about the company, or its industry. It is said that if the logo could be executed efficiently, it brings a lot of success for the company.

There are many firms and people who design logos for companies on contractual basis.

Designers who design the logo always should keep in mind a few important steps that are required to be followed to attain a good logo. Before designing a logo it is important to do the preliminary work which includes gaining knowledge about the company, its product, its motto and its industry and the customers that the company is targeting, and creating a few basic sketches on which the original logo could be based. The design of the logo should be made such that it has balance between graphic, colour and size in all sides. The balanced approach of a logo is said to be one of the safest approaches. It is also important to see to the fact that the logo is legible in all sizes.

It is important for the designing to have good knowledge of the colour palette so that a wise use of the colours could be done in the logo. A few basic rules are always kept in mind during the usage of colours like, the colours chosen are nearer to each other on the colour palette, and are not hard on the eyes. It is also important to see that the logo looks good not only in two colours, but also looks good in black and white and also in gray scale. It has also been seen that colours impact a person more, thus it is very important to choose the correct colours. Designers have also been seen to use a single colour which ultimately becomes the identity of the brand.

The styling of the logo should always be done on basis of the style and personality of the company and its motto. Choosing the right font and style for the text or tagline of the logo is a most important and the most difficult part as said by many. The logo created to be recognisable with the brand it denotes. The logo should be unique and different but the motto of ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ is often followed as it has been seen that simple and unique logos conquer the market more easily. It helps the customers connect to it in some manner or the other.

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