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The Practical Use of GIS Technology in Business

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computer system that is basically designed to present spatial or geographical data by analysing, capturing, storing, manipulating and managing the data. It is this system that has made the use of intelligent digital maps possible and easy to someone who even does not know the usage of maps. GIS helps to display all the features of the earth be it the mountains or the cities or the roads or be it the rivers, or any particular place in the world. This system has literally made the world a small place. The major difference between GIS and any original map is the feature of GIS where it relates the geographic information to the descriptive information.

There is a rapid increase in the competition of the corporate sector with the sector facing a slowdown in the past few years. It was the time which forced the companies to rethink about their ways and policies and the way to work, which is when they thought about in-house resources and turned towards the usage of GIS. GIS turned out to be a tool that helped them not only to overcome their operational challenges but also helped them to provide better facilities and quality which improved their profitability. GIS became like an anchor to their sinking ship.

Retailers, real-estate professionals, insurers, asset managers and many other such professionals came forward with the opinion that GIS assisted in a lot many ways than they thought it would. It was said that GIS helped in optimizing business that opened or closed, marketing, also helped in managing the consumer data. GIS has been imbibed in many sectors of the business world such as banking and financial services, facilities management, marketing, insurance, media and press, real estate, retail etc.

In the banking and financial service sectors, where the competition is high and just market share and brand recognition is not enough. GIS has the sector by providing spatial data tables according to the geodemographics and geography of the area that helped enhance the understanding of the risk, customer interaction, and the economic conditions. It also helped in increasing the profitability by enhancing the efficiency of the operations of the different departments and also helped in reducing the complexity of the business by providing a view of the real market conditions.

The facilities management is basically helped by GIS from top to the bottom level by helping them to expedite planning and analysis, and also helping them in collection of the data and its maintenance and use. Insurance companies use GIS to analyse data and plan their business strategy. It also uses it to deploy geographic content on their mobiles so as to engage customers and deliver according to their needs. It also helps to provide greater transparency and enhance the operational awareness.

GIS has helped the marketing strategists to imbibe geography efficiently in their strategies so that they could easily respond not only to the customers but also to the market needs. It also allows the companies to segment and profile their existing customers and also gain new opportunities in this competitive world. Media and press is considered to be one of the major sources that provides informational from all over the world to the common people. GIS has been a boon in disguise for them. It has helped them connect to the desired places and obtain geographic images to support the news materials and also helped them gain greater evidences of the news to be reported.

Real-estate has a close relation with GIS as both are connected with the same word location. Real-estate indicates buying and selling of good properties that are available in the market, and GIS has helped evolve this sector by being the light in their darkness. It has helped them by making access to different places easy and also helped them analyse good investment. Retail is also one other such business that has gained a lot by GIS because it helps them find the correct location for the stores where they could get the right amount of goods and services and gain customers with reasonable profits for themselves too.

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