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The Top Ten features Your Mobile App Should Have

In the modern-day world, people are becoming largely dependent on smartphones, which are now easily available, due to their low cost and reliability by keeping people up-to-date with the latest news and technology in the market. This has become possible because of the development of new apps. ‘Apps’ are an abbreviation of the word ‘applications’ which is a software code that can run through a web browser or even offline through tablets, phones or any other electronic device. Apps can be advanced; the use of apps such as ‘Google Maps’ for GPS location, ‘YouTube’ for video surfing and many more have increased. These are not only used for entertainment, but apps have also extended the reach and productivity of business in the corporate world. So, to satisfy the users, providers should deliver the app which is best in its niche.

Apps have in today’s world gained a lot of market as it helps makes things easier to handle and get and about 77% of the world’s population is online. The major importance that the usages of the apps have made the services easily accessible to the customers without any waiting. Apps have helped different business services in the different corners of the world. They not only help reduce costs but also make the customer engagement an asset.

In order to achieve this, the app not only requires a catchy name and visual identity but should also have the following features:

1. Platform Appropriate
The App should be compatible and functional for all brands and devices having different operating systems and should be of same source which would prove it is genuine.

2. Simplicity at the user’s end
Likewise, it signifies the development of a convenient user interface and simple navigation based on the design algorithms for the selected platform. This enables the user to understand the working of the app and helps him to operate it easily.

3. High Performance
For a mobile app to be good it should be able to launch quickly for the first time and should not keep users waiting. The app needs to be continually optimized and provides high performance and quality assurance.

4. Security
This is one of the vital characteristics of specialized application development where data confidentiality is maintained on the legal level and the data present in the device is not at risk. It is one of the primary requirements.

5. Offline Working
Generally, apps rely mostly on availability of Internet connections but the reality of being mobile is that, far too often wireless data services are not available. Mobile apps which cannot work in offline mode waste the value of mobility.

6. Regular Updates
For lasting popularity of an app, it needs ongoing development and updates with fixes and new features. The server should be maintained and it should be ensured that up-to-date and relevant data are the sources of the content. Because, in the long run, only regularly updated apps thrive.

7. Feedbacks
Apps should be able to ask the user to rate or comment on its working and features from the user’s perspective such that accordingly new updates could be made. It creates a means of mutual communication for query or suggestion, which is open to all.

8. Personalization
It is true that in an app, everyone undeniably loves the personalization as they can configure and change the settings, fonts and size according to their own likes. This unique feature allows the user to alter the viewing style of the app and allow them to get a strong hand on the privacy settings.

9. Analytics
The feature allows to track users and to identify their experience, and the best way to achieve it is by integrating analytics into the application. Gathering relevant data will only help encourage better functionality and updates.

10. Search Option
By creating an intuitive system of search and specific filters every page and services are made accessible which is another key feature that must be present in a mobile app.
These are the basic features an app must have for it to be successful and long lasting. There are a lot of apps in the market but only those with these primary features are able to understand and satisfy the customer and provide them what they want to use. The allocation of the time and resources of the app and the basic usage for which the app is developed is an important reason for the steps that need to be followed while accessing the app and making it an asset.

The apps have become an asset not only for businesses but also an asset for the public in general as all kinds of services, entertainment, and many aspects are gained through apps. There are apps also developed that bring all kinds of information within a click. Apps have helped make the world all the more digital and a global village. Long distances are easily connected with the help of many apps by connecting people through communication, through Newsfeed, and many other such areas. With advancement in the technology people are moving towards the era of Digitalism. Apps are not only available on smartphones, but also on tablets, laptops, computers etc. Apps are the organs in the body of the digital devices that help them to basically run the different functions. There are many free apps and many apps require subscription according to the requirements and demand of the app.

Communication apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp have become quite prevalent in the communication world, making it possible for the people from all around the world to connect to each other. There are also apps that help in video calling where seeing a person from a different place has also become possible. Newspapers have also released apps that help the people to get the daily news feed from all over the world in a single click. There are many apps in different categories that have made the world just a click away from you.

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