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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

A domain name is the soul of your website. It is the main part of your URL, and getting it right will mean that your site visitors will know what they are visiting, and what they can get there, before they even enter your webpage.

It is similar to having to choose the name of your business, as your domain name will be your identity for the rest of your website’s life.

Here are some pointers to help you along the way as you decide how and what to name your webpage:
  • Brand Yourself – Find a brand name for yourself. Don’t create a domain name first. Your brand name should be the basis for creating your domain.
  • Easy Peasy – The main point of your website’s name is to make sure that your users remember it. It shouldn’t happen that your domain name is long and suitable for your identity, but your visitors cannot spell it, or pronounce it. That would only make it difficult for your customers to find you online.
  • Short is Good – A customer wouldn’t want to waste time in typing your domain name. Plus, the longer your name, the more the chances they would mistype or misspell it. If there’s another website which sells similar products and has a name close to yours, you risk losing your visitor.
  • Keywords – Keep your domain name unique, also close to what you are actually selling. You want your customer to know what they are going to find when they land upon your site. This would also mean that when someone searches for a product online, for instance, LED Bulbs, if your domain name has the keyword ‘Bulb’ in it, your webpage will be one of the first to pop up on their screen.
  • Stick to Your Roots – If you’re from Mumbai, try to mention ‘Mumbai’ in your domain name. If you’re from Nebraska, see if you can wheedle ‘Nebraska’ into your domain name. If you’re a local business, this will make it easier for people close to you find you, and your store. People also tend to be loyal to their local community and businesses.
  • Don’t Hyphenate your Words – Numbers and Hyphens often confuse people. Persons taking down your webpage address over the phone would get confused, and those writing it down might make mistakes in the hyphening. It adds to the unique quotient of your webpage, but you would do better to step away from it.
  • Be Remembered – This speaks for itself. You have to be unique. Be catchy. Be different. And once you get that perfect name, race the world to get it registered.
  • Research Your Name – If you register a domain name which is already copyrighted by some other company or business, you are going to be at a loss. You might also end up getting the wrong set of customers if you do continue with the page, besides landing you in a legal mess!
  • Domain Extension – A domain extension is a suffix which you would attach at the end of your domain name. This would be a .com, or a .net addition at the end of your webpage’s name. Try and see if you can come up with a word when your domain name and extension combine. Try to avoid the .com suffix as it has been around for a long time, and is not really a memorable name any longer. Try .info, .me, .biz, .co and, .org instead.
  • Get Some Protection – To make sure your competition or a copycat of your business does not trick your customers into visiting their site, by swapping a few words, or misspelling your domain name, it would be wise of you to purchase the names of all domains close to your own.

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